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So, you want to know about "forensic science." You'll find links here to a range of topics that are areas of expertise falling under the general umbrella of the term, and if you need to explore a specific area, go ahead and search the A to Z list on the right. But if you're coming here for the first time, let's start with the very first question ...
Forensic science can be thought of as "the Science of Association." because forensic examination and, more broadly, forensic investigation has one primary aim - to establish whether or not there is any scientific evidence to link a person to a scene or crime. But forensic science is not only the Science of Association, it is also the application of science to questions of law, and can therefore be thought of as "Science for the Courtroom".

This page is your gateway to a wide range of information about the forensic sciences (and arts), ranging from accident reconstruction to university courses. This information is held both on our website and at other sites on the Internet. We periodically review the very wide range of forensic information on the web, adding links to selected content about the forensic sciences. We like to think that what separates our website from those of others is that we hand-pick these links to provide you with examples of the best and most relevant information and resources in each category. And if what you seek is not in the list, or you have something we have missed, please get in touch with us using our enquiry form.

Please note that all of the web sites to which links are made are maintained by other information providers and for this reason we cannot guarantee the content of the pages or that they will remain "live."


The crime scene to court process in which forensic scientists use their expertise begins with someone commiting a crime. Unfortunately, not all crimes are reported.

Of those that are, the perpetrators of the crime are not always apprehended, or they are arrested but subsequently escape from police custody or imprisonment.

Details of some of the "Most Wanted" criminals can be found on lists produced by a number of police agencies. more ...

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Email - enquiries@castleviewuk.com   
Landline - 01484 968237   Mobile - 07847 948502
Email - enquiries@castleviewuk.com   
Landline - 01484 968237   Mobile - 07847 948502
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